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Getting Started


Newlogic Core is a plugin for Vite (French word for "quick")
It contains set of plugins, including Vituum.

With this you can prototype complex template projects in Symfony's Twig syntax or Nette's Latte syntax. With modern principles and CSS & JS frameworks.

Get started

$ npm create vite@latest
$ npm i @newlogic-digital/core --save-dev

Then add @newlogic-digital/core to your Vite config.

import core from '@newlogic-digital/core'

export default {
    plugins: [

And start Vite. Or build your project, see Vite docs for more info.

$ npx vite

This adds multi-page templating support in src/pages.

Now you can write templates in Latte or Twig (Twig has to be opt-in via config). You can also add more Template Engines via plugins from Vituum

Released under the MIT License.